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The decipline of continued growth through learning is the key to driving a customer centric operation.  Managing and running a human centered option using data based tools to analyze, understand and improve customer facing operations is key to staying ahead of the game.  Nowanalytics provides multiple paths for training that is customized for individual organization based on the variety of interaction types.

data science for contact centers

  • Learn how to harness data science and operational business analytic insights to inform your business decisions using a variety of tools and techniques optimized for the contact center operations.

  • Uniquely design for the demanding schedule of contact center leaders, this program is customized and spaced out over a 12-14 week schedule.

  • Utilizing Applied Data Science principals with operational best practices around Six Sigma and Lean Sigma principals applied to your organizational needs enables attendees to learn, apply and operationalize best practices.

operations leadership

  • Successful managers in human-centered operations understand the need to learn, iterate, and grow.

  • Bringing together tools for Quality, WFM, and Training staff in your organization will bring together best practices learning for organizations that want to standardize and learn from our experience with a wide range of small, midsized, and large contact center operations.

  • This practical hands-on training program can be delivered via a remote virtual or in-person format.

soft skills development

  • Many call center training programs focus heavily on procedural and systems training with limited training around soft-skills development for frontline agents.

  • Learning to navigate customer calls to learning about best way to handle sales calls, require specific soft-skills to ensure the optimal customer experience and best results for your organization.

  • Our soft-skills training provides industry best practices based on years of experience across industries and functions.  Additionally, the content is customized for interactions specific to client call types and products.

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