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Managed Services

"To the customer, every interaction represents the company and the brand.  Our managed services fill the skills and technology gap to optimize every customer interaction."

Umesh Jain, CEO of Now Analytics

benchmarking service

Benchmarking provides the ability to create a controlled group to identify if your contact center and customer experience delivery is the best that it can be.  By bringing our platform, Six Sigma process methodologies, and business analytics to the effort, you will be able to gain many advantages including,

  • Greater quantitative visibility into your operations.

  • Identify opportunities for process improvements.

  • Identify process issues that drive negative customer experiences.

  • Drive measurable improvements in ALL your contact center operations.

  • Design customer interactions that drive higher satisfaction and loyalty.

interaction analytics

The value of the data collected through your customer interactions across multiple channels is one of the best places to dig deeper to validate your brand promise delivery and business strategy. Our business and customer analytics services help you answer questions that you always had and the ones that you haven't asked yet.  The service helps our customers in many ways, including,

  • Drive customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Identify gaps in products, services, and offers.

  • Understand why customers buy what they buy from you.

  • Analyze the customer experience journey to make it easy for customers to purchase from you.

  • Understand churn and its drivers.

quality management

Most contact centers have a quality monitoring program that is used for scoring a sample of recorded or live interactions for each agent.  Though necessary, a quality program like this only brings partial value to your investment.  We like to focus on using the effort to drive business, customer, and process insights.  The key benefits of our quality management program are,

  • Statistical sampling of quality monitoring for a fair assessment of individual agents.

  • Process, product, and service issues identification to understand the drivers of satisfaction/dissatisfaction.

  • Interaction flow optimization to improve efficiency and outcome.

  • Cross-channel customer journey mapping and trace to optimize interaction channel usage.

  • Self-service optimization to deliver greater ROI

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