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Data Services

"Even with an unlimited set of tools and technologies available to harness the power of data, it's sad to see why most companies are still starved of insights."

Umesh Jain, CEO of Now Analytics

data engineering

For companies that want to transform towards a data-based decision-making mindset, ensuring that the siloed data from across the organization is available in a timely and structured formatted for consumption is not a choice.  This is where our data engineering service provides the foundation for beginning the data journey.

With a team with many years of experience with AWS and Azure data services and tools, along with experience in integrations to many different data sources and platforms, our engineers help you build a strong data foundation.

data analysis

When businesses use data effectively, they can create meaningful customer experiences, explore new revenue streams, maximize profitability, boost market share and grow substantially.  Our data analytics team can help you connect the information from your various data sources, effectively apply statistical modeling to identify key relationships in the data undetectable to the human eye, and craft powerful visuals.

From data transformation to advanced statistical modeling and visualizations to ease data usage, we can help you harness the full potential of your data.

customer data analysis

We bring over 25+ years of experience in Customer Relationship Management, Call Center Technologies, and data science-based improvements in customer-facing business functions.


Combining data analytics with hands-on implementation efforts drives the perfect balance of efficiency and outcome for customer-facing operations across multi-channel contact centers and online channels.

Additionally, we can build custom models around behavioral analysis, time series modeling, and mathematical optimization to support any transformational journeys.

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